Thursday, November 28, 2019

Gratitude for Thanksgiving Day

Inspired by a Facebook post of a friend who lost her husband of 38 years, here is what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday: 
  • The right diagnosis for why my brain works the way it does, so I can figure out how to make my life work for me, rather than struggle trying to make me work to have a normal life.
  • Strength to walk away from toxic relationships in my life, even when it was safer to stay.
  • Passion for marathon running and writing, healthy addictions to deal with the challenges life throws my way.
  • Friends who have reached out, supported me, and became my family, even as life got crazier and crazier. 
  • Life lessons that were earned from the difficult times, as well as the personal growth that came from them.
  • Discovering a voice that has been silent way too long, and the confidence to make it heard.
  • Peace in my soul that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, replacing the empty longing that comes from fantasies.
  • Hope that fuels the pursuit of my dreams, and dreams that are worth pursuing.
  • Looking in a mirror and loving the woman I see in it.
In the face of so much wrong and bad and difficult and challenging in our worlds, we still can find so many things that are good.  Stop and think about your life.  What is on your gratitude list this year?

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